MUSE Presents: The Mystery of Edwin Drood

As the 2009 second semester production, MUSE presented The Mystery of Edwin Droodwith music, lyrics and book by Rupert Holmes. It was presented at the Cleveland Street Theatre, from the 20th to the 24th of October, 2009.

Production Team

Director: Jonathan Dunk
Assistant Director: Nicholas Starte
Music Director: Tristan Hons
Assistant Music Director: Robert McDougall
Producer: Max Wilkie


Harry Milas                                                                     Elizabeth Garrett
Naomi Parkinson                                                            Patrick Howard
Marina Currie                                                                 Roman Benedict
Alexander Clubb                                                                Caitlin Kenny
Curtis Dickson                                                                 Nicholas Starte
Tom Heath                                                                        Andrew Fraser
Felicity Nelson                                                                 Minna Iveson
Kate Ashhurst                                                                   Eliza Turner
Peter Hoekstra-Bass                                                        David Faber
Ashley Kurrle

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photos taken by Victoria Nelson and Cecilia Nelson.

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